Jan Schaefer
Director, Communications
Newman's Own Foundation

"Joshua is an amazing professional and coach. He is a highly skilled listener with keen insight. He is very perceptive and can zero in on core issues that may hinder or enhance success. He provides inspiration, encouragement, and guidance that can lead to a more enriched and satisfying career or personal life. I’m a big fan and I highly recommend him."

Nhan Duong
Director of Human Resources

"Having had the pleasure to work with Josh and watch him do his craft, he is a true trailblazer in the areas of executive coaching, training, talent development, and organizational development. His ideas and efforts have really shaped the landscape at Oakley, positively impacting the organization's effectiveness. Josh is a natural and passionate coach and brings an expansive body of knowledge to this profession. I witnessed first-hand the exuberance and quality of work he provides and am proud of to know Josh as someone who brings a level of maturity and credit to this business. "

Chris Veit
Senior Vice President of Distribution

"Josh is a strong, intuitive executive coach who helps me to bring into the light those challenges that are blocking my forward progress, and then helps me to define my own course of action to take my progress to the next level. 

I have worked with Josh over the past year in two capacities: 1) as a Talent Development Expert, he has designed workshops and training for our teams, personally facilitating, or coaching the facilitation of the sessions, 2) as an Executive Coach, he has spent many hours with me helping me to take my leadership and management to the next level. Josh is the consummate professional in all that he does, quickly establishing rapport, treating everyone with the utmost respect, and keeping focused on the key business objectives. He strikes the perfect balance of keeping the conversation moving forward toward the objective while at the same time actively listening and stopping to focus where needed. 

Josh has helped me to significantly transform my leadership style around team and personal accountability. Josh has been such a strong influence in my work life, that I am asking him to coach me in my personal life. I highly recommend Josh as a Life Coach, Executive Coach, and Talent Development Leader. "

Brian Guidry
Vice President, Managing Director

"I recently hired Josh as an Executive and Personal Coach and was pleasantly surprised at how powerful our sessions were. I found Josh to be extremely insightful and intuitive about my professional career path, communication style and personality traits and how they impact my work. He developed a structure that ensured productivity during our sessions, provided great tools as well as "assignments" that kept me on track towards my goals and helped me create a professional vision that will keep me on the right path. He is a great communicator, and provides support although he is quick to call B.S. when he sees it. Extremely accessible. Kept me on my toes and focused on truth, strengths and actionable plans. 

I highly recommend Josh as an Executive Coach!"

Noah Berkowicz
Vice President, Recruiting Manager
Robert Half International

"I have been working with Josh for the past few months, and while I was skeptical when we started, I have already seen amazing results that without Josh's help I would not have achieved. 

Josh is professional, intelligent, creative, and intuitive. He has an amazing ability to get you to see the other side of the coin without twisting your arm to do so. Josh knows when to push and when not to, and will always do what is in your best interest. With his years of experience in corporate America, his experience with Coaching, and more importantly he has an innate ability to see through the forrest to the other side...and then he helps you to get there. 

Josh is an amazing Coach and an even more amazing person, I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who was curious about his service."

Neil Buckley
Global Retail Business Development Manager
Oakley Inc.

"I've had the pleasure to work alongside Josh for about a year's time now. Josh has an incredibly composed demeanor, which comes off very sincere. His calm, cool, and humble way of communicating makes for an easy approach if every seeking professional or personal advice. 

Keep up the good work and thank you for all the great advice Josh! "

Roeya Vaughan
Vice President
Global Sun at OAKLEY INC.

"I've only just begun to work with Josh to develop my team. I am already impressed with the insights he brings to discussions around strengths, opportunities, and intergroup dynamics... it goes way above and beyond development planning I've been exposed to in the past. 

Josh brings a holistic 360 degree view to subordinate development - and as a result I am more aware of my personal leadership attributes and how they impact the development approach for each of my respective team members. I'm confident that, working with Josh, I will have the tools and insights required to create resonant and successful development plans for my direct reports."

Rhonda Hargrove
Executive Director
Time INC.

"Joshua is an accomplished executive and personal coach and has worked with many top level executives in a variety of fields. I have known Joshua for many years now and I am always amazed by his positive outlook on life. What struck me first when I met Joshua was his ability to interact with anyone in a way that allowed people to open up to him regardless of their background. It was this characteristic that I could see was instrumental in his success as a coach. Joshua is the complete package: He seems to have an effortless ability to zero in on what's stopping people in their tracks and then invite them to consider a new perspective. 
He is performance oriented, powerful, passionate, intuitive, compassionate, personable, and warm and engaging. 

You only need to speak with him once to understand my impression. If you and/or your company is interested in finding a solution to what may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, I recommend contacting Joshua."

Leanne Owens
Senior Vice President, Client Strategy and Enterprise Sales
Onward Search

"Josh really knows his stuff. It takes a special kind of talent to create order out of chaos and deliver a meaningful product(s) and Josh is just the person to do it. I've never seen anyone cut through all of the business "clutter" as quickly as Josh. He helped my company put together a best-in-class training plan for our new hires as well as a continuous learning and development program for our existing staff. Josh always kept us on point. He was organized, thoughtful, considerate and most importantly, he listened to what we wanted. He didnt make us adopt existing programs or buy any off-the-shelf training products, rather, he innovated and designed processes and programs that were customized specifically for our organization. Not only were these easy to implement- they allowed flexibility for various levels of experience. Josh slayed our training and development dragon and made us make training and development both a priority and a reality. He is truly an expert. His deliverables exceeded our expectations and made a difference for our business. Josh was respectful of our business ideas and needs and helped us understand how to achieve our shorter term goals while developing strategy to deliver upon our longer term ones. The real testament to Josh's success working with Onward Search was that he was considered part of the team almost immediately. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Josh again soon. He is a great coach, consultant and true professional!"

Warren modlin
Oakley Inc.

"In a word, Josh is Awesome! As a leadership coach and mentor, he has the ability to listen and quickly grasp the important issues. I appreciate his insights, professional experience and direct communication style. I have seen Josh in action around the company and his results are a great testament to his skills. Josh has implemented important talent development projects at all levels of our organization that will have a long lasting impact in employees career success and business results."

Maya Camin

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Josh Miller. He offers the exact kind of support, information, feed back and training that I was hoping for, without even realizing that was what I needed, he came along and fulfilled all my expectations. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him."

Ursula Pfeil
Senior Counsel

"For anyone interested in making a profound difference in their lives, I highly recommend Josh's coaching services. Josh brings creativity, energy, and curiosity to life. He is a master at declaring and fulfulling on possibilities in his own life and an inspiration to others to do the same. Josh is an amazing coach and a trustworthy and valued friend and colleague."

Jim Gregory
Regional Sales Director

"If you're committed to leveraging your unique talents, turning barriers into breakthroughs and achieving at a whole new scale - reach out to Josh. He'll challenge you, support you and hold you accountable. It's all good!"

Dena Patton
Global Speaker, Author, Business Coach
Sisters Program, Greatness Marketing Academy

"Josh was the type of coach that inspires you to be great. No messing around here! He's the real stuff. Hire him only if you are willing to do the work and get results."

Jerry Maggio
Senior REcruiter

"Josh is not your average professional in any way. He's the type of person who fully invests in YOU and always gives you his best. What started out as informal conversation, soon became deep discussions about how I could achieve any goal I set for myself. Josh's insight and big-picture thinking is enlightening in so many ways. Just watching him successfully follow his own path is an inspiration in itself. Josh doesn't preach, but rather leads by example."

Griff Foxley, MBA
COO, Board member, Communications Specialist
Startup Food Company, Foundations

"I highly recommend Josh for anyone seeking guidance and encouragement. I consulted him in a recent period of career transition and the guidance and tools he provided in only one hour have resonated strongly ever since."

Sebastian Lighvani
New York Allergy and Asthma

"I first began working with Josh, a year ago, seeking to find a balance that was sorely missing in my life, as I single-midedly pursued my career goals- often at the expense of my wellbeing. Even though I have always been goal-driven, our work together has enabled me to more clearly crystalize what is truly important to me and to evolve both as a person and a leader. 

What makes Josh so effective as a coach is that he is a truly powerful and compassionate human being who “walks the walk” and lives his life with the same degree of integrity that he asks of you. He is not afraid to go out on a limb and at times, his intuition or “spidey-sense” as he calls it, can be quite uncanny, helping to shed light and address subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) negative dynamics in the way I am thinking or being that have limited my success in the past. 

On a practical level, Josh is the personification of an action-oriented taskmaster and I say this with all the kindness in the world. Our work together, frequently involves me stepping beyond my comfort zone, occasionally kicking and screaming, and yet his unwavering commitment to my stated goals has kept me on track and moving forward especially when I hit roadblocks along the way. 

Whether you want to evolve your business, find your life partner, complete a triathlon, or all of the above, Josh is truly inspirational and a powerful person to have on your side. In a nutshell, he helps deliver on the promises you have made to yourself and failed to keep in the past. His contribution to my life has been of immeasurable value and I have nothing but the highest praise for him as a person and as a coach."

Stacey Sonbert

"In the brief time that I spent with Josh, it became clear to me that he has a true passion for leading and helping others. Always ready with an open ear, an unbiased perspective and a truly motivational approach, Josh will have you feeling like you can accomplish anything. 
Any individual or team can benefit from Josh's expertise. I'm just sorry that I didn't get a chance to spend more time with him before I left Oakley."

Steve Harden
Vice President
Oakley inc.

"Headed to another well intended HR team building and Strength Finders event at Oakley, was assuredly going to be a long and “just get through it” kind of day. That was until Josh eloquently, like the total pro he is, made us dig deeper to where real, meaningful and lasting change occurs. Over the past 3 years I’ve watched Josh present to groups of 10-500 many times, and always walk out thinking to myself, “I need what he’s got!” What Josh has is a command of interpersonal relationships, leadership training and a motivating sense that few have and ever fewer that can adroitly motivate and make us feel the change we all want and need to become the better organization we want so desperately to become. Josh’s dig deeper, analytic and interpersonal thoroughness during our team building and Strength Finders off-site made a comprehensive and quantifiable impact on the sales leadership team at Oakley. Undoubtedly one of the best and still talked about and motivating leadership conferences I’ve ever attended. Josh’s style and insightful laser focused approach allowed even the toughest critics to open up, grow and share like never before. Josh is a total pro that I guarantee I will call on again in the future to lead, push and create better leaders for tomorrow. Damn well done!"

Erin Keefer
Talent Development Manager
Pinnacle Entertainment

"Josh is by far one of the most motivational and real leaders I have met in the learning and development profession. He is clear, concise, and easy to understand – for even a truly complex challenge. Many people can have the experience and education of a seasoned professional, but Josh’s ability to relate with people and put a goal into action is what truly sets him apart. If you have the opportunity to work with him in any facet, do NOT pass it up. Thank you for your expertise, Josh!